About Me

My name is David Husson. I live in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I’m married to my beautiful wife Sandra and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Let me start by saying thank you for visiting my blog. This is my first blogging experience, so I am hopeful that you will gain insights into what my blog is about.  This all started with an introduction into the Master Key Experience.

Over four decades ago I started on my journey into personal and professional development.  Having spent the last 40 years living the lessons of life, it has given me the experience and insights to be here now. I have never take things for granted and it is no accident I am here with you.

Being in the Master Key Experience  has been the beginning of a new journey into my life.  My highest values have always been learning and growing. That is my happy space.

My desire of helping and contributing to others starting their journey into professional development or entrepreneurship is something I am more excited about then ever before.

I’ve had an incredible journey thus far and it speaks for itself.  My track record of successful accomplishments within many industries, has given me a remarkable ability to be a guide on the next journey into personal and professional business growth for many others.

I believe in life that focus begins with the fundamentals of our thoughts and mind combined with simple executable strategies to begin growing a long-term sustainable career, business or fulfilled life.

I will say… It wasn’t always easy for me. Early in my career I was insightful enough to recognize my own limitations. Most of my success was luck in the beginning. I was fortunate to become financially independent by the time I was 31. I also experienced failure of my business and lost everything by the time I was 38.

Having realized that much of what I attained was by mostly my ambition, drive and a lot of luck.  In the mid 80’s, most of that changed and my journey into self-discovery took on a whole new meaning. Since then my list of achievements has been defined by many hours of learning and finding mentors that could help me be the best version of myself.

Having spent over 12 years as a seminar promoter and speaker/trainer in the sales and leadership space, led me to a specialized knowledge in marketing, that helped develop remarkable relationships with many of the top thought leaders on the globe. People like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Og Mandino, Les Brown, Jim Rohn and many other thought leaders.

Today, my understanding of what it takes to become the best version of you,  gives me a unique insight to help others uncover small-hidden secrets that have helped thousands of other people discover what it takes to be the best possible version of themselves.  I am so excited you landed here and know that like you my journey continues.  I am learning and growing daily.


David 🙂