What you think always matters and if what you think matters then it must become equally as important to realize that what we hear and see while thinking about what we see and hear matters as well.

We all hear how what we think about expands. Over the past week, I have had some great distinctions about my thoughts and how they play out in my world. So many times, we just go through the motions of everyday life, not giving much regard to what we are truly thinking about. Since starting the MKE, I have felt like my soul and brain have been awakened.

This hit home this past week while traveling to Honolulu. My senses came alive and I became keenly observant as I was traveling in airports, standing in lines, and eating out.  My observation about my thoughts while traveling was amazing. I couldn’t believe how robotic we’ve become as a society.

I sat next to a woman on the plane for 4 hours. She didn’t utter a word. I would look at her and nod, smile to get a reaction and yet it was like I was invisible.  But what really stuck out for me is maybe I was being invisible by the energy I was putting out.  Most of my trip could be defined as character building moments as I so generously refer to my challenges.

During this trip, we were challenged from the moment we arrived in Hawaii. The rental car and hotel were wrong after a 12-hour flight. We couldn’t find an open restaurant late within walking distance.  Although as the week progressed things got better.  This was a work trip, so we had to give attention to our client for most of the week. So not a lot of Island fun!

Even though it was challenging on many levels… I won’t bore you with details, I thought a lot this week about why my thinking really does matter in every area of my life.  For example, since starting the MKE, I chose to get healthier and make better eating choices.  I found myself starting to look at food in a different way as I would think about eating. If I started to make an unhealthy choice while away, I justified it by telling myself. I’M TRAVELING, AND I SHOULD BE ABLE TO LET LOOSE A LITTLE.   It’s not even about the letting loose part, it’s living a promise I made to myself to get healthy. It would make a measurable difference in my life, so I feel better and become more vibrant.  That means every day.

So why do we struggle with the things that would make us most happy, healthy, and financially free?  How can the Universe bring us big things if we can’t even manage small things like sitting and eating a healthy meal?  What I realized, I was associating the process of eating healthier to doing work. OMG, I didn’t want another thing to add to my task list. I wanted to eat fast, whatever and let’s get it over with.

It wasn’t just about thinking that I had to eat healthier, I had to listen to what I was saying to myself while seeing the experience of eating as a new good habit.  My self-talk would go like this… David, create joy around food and eat to live. Easy Right! Not!   What I realized is, that food had a direct correlation to pain deep down in my subconscious. I had an experience growing up that I thought about. It reminded me that eating with my family when I was a boy was painful because my older brother always argued with dad about the Vietnam war. They did it nightly at dinner. It was such a disturbing experience as a young boy, I would eat quickly exit and go stage left to get away from it.

I discovered that I need to reframe my thinking around the experience of eating, as a time to nurture and love myself while making it a more joyful experience. Listening to what I was saying to myself became crystal clear. I realized I had all this emotional baggage I carried. It’s truly about our habits. How many times has this action played out in our movie script on how we live our lives.

Now, my new habit is to eat healthier and see myself as the person who always makes good eating choices while having fun… EVERYDAY AND EVERY MOMENT. 

These old habits have kept me from joy in many areas of my life. Even though I have always created big things in my life with memorable experiences, I always felt inauthentic.  It was like I needed the approval to give myself permission to enjoy my success. I needed to be proud and grateful for the wisdom I gained in those experiences, instead of it being a chore.

Deep at my core enjoying what I do without any attachment to an outcome would certainly bring more happiness in my life and make it more fruitful. Then it becomes what God intended for us… to experience joyfulness in all things.  It also reminded me how this process showed up in my coursework with the MKE.  Again, I justified not doing all the work because I had an extremely busy week.    I always have extremely busy weeks. 

So rather than having the experience of change that would make my life overall a beautiful experience, I chose to see it is as another thing on my task list. Again, was I being impeccable with my intentions to keep my promise about how important it is to play full out and engage? That thinking has now caused me to have to work harder and longer hours to get the work done.  Great distinction for me. What seemingly should have been enjoyable and fun, became exactly what I was looking to avoid.  Procrastination (MY THINKING) gave me exactly what I was trying to avoid, more work in my life.

Let your life become incredible possibilities.  Let your thoughts flow into the universe with the strongest of intention.  Writing this has been enjoyable and hopefully provides you with insights that move you forward in your journey. It has for me. These new observations will create new habits for my life. When God created the heavens and earth, he didn’t say. Sounds like a great idea, let me think about it…he had the thought and intention and creation began.

If I am going to illuminate the world then changing the little actions in my daily thinking will take me out of my darkness and I illuminate the world. Wax on Wax Off!

As we go down this path to self-discovery, allow your attention to thought make a measurable difference overall in your life.  Go and conquer thyself!


  1. This is such a thoughtful post as are all of them. Your thoughts and understandings around food have helped me with my own thoughts around food and why I often play out similar patterns and I know I can do better. It’s like a younger self is playing up even though I know I can eat healthily and benefit hugely from it. Thank you again David.

    1. Thank you Naila. Food has a lot of anchors from past experiences for me. I am glad you gained some insight as well.
      Looking forward to connecting more.

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