MKE WEEK 17 KINDNESS The Miracles Keep Coming

On October 4, 2018 I wrote my very first blog. Its title was TODAY I BEGIN A NEW LIFE! 

Reflecting upon on the last 16 weeks, I realize how obsessed we are with what we do. Listening to conversations with others has been most revealing. Words stand out in a very profound way now.  

As I thought about that statement, it reminded me that each day is a series of NEW BEGINNINGS My gratitude each day and my openness to receiving shows up more and more in my life than ever before since beginning this course.  

  • Did I progress financially this year? Am I at my ideal weight?  
  • Did I get a pat on the back for being a good guy? Was I recognized for my good deeds?  
  • How did I measure up against the neighbors? Do they drive the nicer car? 
  • Who is doing what and when?  Am I loved?

It’s these discussions that define our sense of accomplishment. It’s the bar by which we gauge and measure our growth in the scheme of social consciousness. Of course, all these are great questions.  If we are not growing, we are stagnant or dying. 

If your new here, thank you for taking the time to visit. I like to focus on the abstract and sometimes I get a little deep. That’s my nature. I am a white!  

In the first part of this lesson we learn about Septimal Law… 

The Law of Sevens By applying these as 7-year cycles to our Human Life Expressions, makes it much simpler to form and Re-form energy in 7-year cycles with grace, elegance and ease… To in the process of living, consistently reviews with NON-attachment the results created by past choices, so as to identify thoughts, feelings, and actions that produce desirable and undesirable “conditions” (experiences and memories) …  

Last week when we did our kindness acts. I came across a homeless man that I could see was physically injured.  He was sitting in remote part of a strip shopping center. He was putting Neosporin on his wound. He clearly needed to get to a hospital, but yet he resisted and was more fearful the doctor would make him sicker.  

Here I was doing a random act of kindness and when I handed him $10.00, he gladly took it and then began to apologize for being the way he was.  I assured him he didn’t have to apologize to me.  I have been wounded and homeless myself. I only felt compassion for him. 

But in that moment what amazed me, was out of nowhere several women approached us and started to hand him money.  They stood at a distance and asked me to give it to him.  It made we wonder if I wasn’t standing there, would they have approached him?  

It’s like TIME had stopped and I felt like I was looking down into my life from above.  I didn’t attach any meaning to what was going on, except love and compassion. I was detached from the world.  

So, here we are in the 16th session of the MKE. I am so glad to be a part of this experience.  I love this program. I feel sad that I didn’t embrace it fully when we started.  Life is full of distractions and I focused on the less important things and the things that have real meaning I took for granted.  

Our obsessive focus on what we are winning at can also blind us from understanding how, when we focus too much on the finish line, we miss the universe dancing around us and the beauty of what’s going on during the race.  

I didn’t have an outcome in mind when I approached the homeless man. But I did have a strategy and that was to do a selfless act, without some expectation or outcome I was just being mindful to what was happening in the moment.  

So, I leave you with this thought to contemplate.  How much of the invisible world could we ultimately see and experience if we opened our mind to what is happening when we are present?  In other words, the universal principle in action. What was it that caused the women to approach this homeless man and me to do these selfless acts?   

Our mind has a remarkable ability to bring about information and various miracles that that are attracted through the power of our human intention without us even knowing it.  How often do the miracles pass us by because we are pre-occupied with our thoughts?   

Like everything else our inner work—our efforts to remember ourselves, and to be present, and to transform suffering—are subject to the law of octaves. What this means it that the law of seven can become a tool that can help you understand how to keep your efforts moving forward; that is, toward more and more presence.   

“In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. ” ― Anonymous 

The greatest gift from God to man is a growing mind, one that expands from day to day as the light of truth breaks upon it. Was it otherwise, were our ideas fixed and changeless, life would be intolerable and existence a sterile waste? It is this new conception that thrills the soul and broadens the understanding, as the influx of new life brings physical health and growth.


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  1. I loved reading your kindness blog David. It was my favorite week! After reading many blogs from others I am becoming more and more aware how connected we all are. .Be still, kind and keep dreaming!

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