Let me take a moment to share some thoughts about this week’s experience. Since beginning this journey a few short weeks ago, I’ve had a huge shift in my own personal accountability about getting things done. Quite frankly. I wasn’t sure about what or how much I could accomplish this week with my current workload.

I kept hearing a little voice saying… David let go of the conversation in your mind and just be in the moment. Relax, let it all unfold the way it’s supposed to unfold. Just having started a major six-week project spread across 44 states, I wasn’t sure how much of a workload I could handle.

On one hand, I wanted to abandon this week because I have had so many character-building days. Overwhelm, etc… I took this course for many reasons. It has been habitual in my self-talk to always be telling myself that I’m just too busy to do the things that were important to my happiness. Now imagine that!

I also felt like I may let down my team if for some reason it became too much. So, I quit beating myself up about it and stuck to the promise I made. To my surprise, it was like somedays time had stopped. I was able to do things that needed to get done. I also became aware of how easy it is to let myself off the hook. No More!

Now, more than ever I’m getting a clearer understanding of words, what they mean when you speak them aloud into the universe. In the MKE lesson this past week I discovered I could let go and not judge the process. I needed to be mindful of my self-talk and do the thing. I’ve had a pretty fruitful and productive week.  I now see that I need to create different habits around this process.

Something else happened. As I was reading lesson two # 8 0f the MASTER KEY it said … We can walk at will; we can raise the arm whenever we choose to do so; we can give our attention through eye or ear to any subject at pleasure. On the other hand, we cannot stop our heartbeats nor the circulation of the blood, nor the growth of stature, nor the formation of nerve and muscle tissue, nor the building of the bones, nor many other important vital processes.

I Love this statement... the perfection of harmony between our free will and how we make choices mentally, physically and emotionally all while silently in the background we still have the perfection of our own internal intelligence working in harmony to sustain our life and allowing us to act it out however we choose.

Growing and evolving from the very first moment our existence from the moment we detach from our mother’s umbilical cord and our lungs breathing in its first breath of air. This jumped out at me. I have always believed that we are miracles, today it became real for me.

All I could think of was the birth of my grandbabies that are a few weeks old. Leaving their mother’s womb. Taking their first breath of life.  I never thought about how perfectly created they were even before entering this world. I am filled with Love and Joy watching them grow. Where did we forget that we have always been that miracle of creation and perfection also?  Even though my own life is nothing short of a divine miracle. It reminded me that starting from the time of conception in our mother’s womb to the day we enter the world breathing on our own, it’s all laid out, and we let our stuff get in the way, we are miracles, we truly are.

It has been given to us. We need to lift the veils from our eyes so that we may see.  Tonight, I started to cry as I thought about that moment. We just had three grandchildren in 7 weeks and I am so in love with them.  I am so grateful and proud of our children also. Each of them shows such a depth of love and encouragement for there children. I guess we were good role models.

Each day I have bundles of miracles dancing around me in my world and yet in that miracle of life, I am reminded now that in those that I need to be thankful and express gratitude for what has been given to me.

So, WHAT IS IT I REALLY WANT OUT OF THIS EXPERIENCE? WHAT IS MY TRUE DHARMA? Rather than me controlling the situation and struggling with time and the demands of my life, I started the exercise of just being still. I love our mastermind group. So, this week I began to exercise every day for 1 hour, eat better, sleep more. It has given me more clarity now. I also have been able to drill deeper down into my DMP to get it completed. I accomplished so much this week.

Before the MKE, I was always feeling tired and overwhelmed. It felt like my life was a treadmill to nowhere. For the first time in a very long time, I’m getting the mental and physical clarity of what I really want to create for myself in this life. Let me be clear I am a white, lucky me. I’m not out of the woods yet, but the light I see at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming my way!

It’s easy to say I want this or that… but the fact is I needed to be more accurate about what I really want to create in my life. Finally, I was able to see while doing my DMP that there has been so much vagueness and uncertainty in my thinking.  As I was writing my DMP it occurred to me that the things that I thought I wanted weren’t what I really wanted. They are completely different from where I started 3 weeks ago.  AHA!  I am getting excited more about this experience.

So, thank you Mark and the wonderful team of guides for helping in our mission to create our world as we want it. I have a belief, that if your intention is authentic and you have accurate thinking about what you really want, then nothing is impossible. Those artists above changed the world in the modern era of Music just by doing what they were passionate about.



2 thoughts on “MKE Week 2 THE MAGIC JOURNEY

  1. WoW!! David, the passion in which you are writing, I can feel. I love that you are allowing yourself to relax and allow the infinite to reveal what it is you truly desire to feel. You have achieved loads and appreciating what you have is an awesome way to allow more to flow towards you. I am thrilled to walk this journey with you.

    Thank you for your awesome post!!!

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