MKE Week 6 How to Clearly Seize your DREAMS

“A dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will, and emotions. Empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it.”

I love the mechanism of Thought and Mind and how it works perfectly to bring our dreams into reality!


I read a blog the other day that I thought had a great message by James Clear. Over a century ago, a lion tamer named Clyde Beatty learned a lesson that is so important that it impacts nearly every area our life today.  The classic image of Clyde Beatty (above) is one of the him holding a whip and a chair.  The whip gets all the attention, but it’s mostly for show. It’s the chair that does the important work.

When a lion tamer holds a chair in front of the lion’s face, the lion tries to focus on all four legs of the chair at the same time. With its focus divided, the lion becomes confused and is unsure about what to do next.

In this weeks Master Key Experience we learn the “thought is a product of Mind and Mind is creative, but this does not mean that the Universe will change its modus operandi to suit us or our ideas, but it does mean that we can come into harmonious relationship with the Universal, and when we have accomplished this, we may ask anything to which we are entitled, and the way will be made plain”.  So, thus the Lion Tamer, now has mastery over the Lions! When faced with so many options, the lion chooses to freeze and wait instead of attacking the man holding the chair.                                                                                                                              

I love the part our great mental world in which we live. Clyde Beatty mastered his craft. I imagine his thoughts about whether he could take on these massive carnivores or not crossed his mind, but he mesmerized audiences worldwide with his talent.  How many of us have Lions and Tigers that keep us from embracing our talents? In an era when most lion tamers died in the ring, Beatty lived into his 60s. In the end, it was cancer that took his life, not a lion.

Have you ever really contemplated that everything that we experience in life begins with thought? Many times, in our mind we’re thinking about something that bother’s us. This thought may be about… health, money, love, relationship, family, career, spirit.  It is all omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent;  It’s all inter-connected. 

It will respond to our desire in direct ratio to our purpose and faith; the purpose must be in accordance with the law of our being, that is, it must be creative or constructive; our faith must be strong enough to generate a current of enough strength to bring our purpose into manifestation. “As thy faith is, so be it unto thee,” bears the stamp of scientific test.  

I’ve learned in the Master Key Experience course that being mindful to things I wish to create must be pure and with crystal clear intention. That is the purpose of the MDP. As I went through the mechanism of creating that MDP, it started the process of creation.  I started to feel it even on a physiological level, like it was getting wired into my DNA.  It began to feel real.  

You may be saying to yourself, I’ve got a dream. I think it’ s worth pursuing. Now what? How can I know that my odds are good for achieving it? 

Let’s ask a few questions!

  • Is this dream you have really yours? You would be the 1 person in the world most pleased if you accomplished your dream!
  • Do you clearly see your dream?  Can you explain it in a sentence? Do you have a written clear description of your dreams including its main features or objectives?
  • Have you asked the question: Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dreams and DMP? Do your current habits and daily practices strongly contribute to the potential success of your dream or goal?
  • What about your strategy to reach your Dreams? Your vision board, how real is it? Do you believe it will appear? Do you have a written plan for its accomplishment? Have you made significant changes to your priorities and habits to put your plan into action?
  • Are you willing to pay the price for your Dreams? What is the price you must pay? Is it a small price or a large price?  Do you do something every day-even if it’ s very small to move closer to your dream? And if not…what is that costing you?

At this point I am going back to the lessons. I now realize this is not a dress rehearsal. Whether I like it or not, I am already in the Ring, and so are you! Its almost embarrassing to say this…how many times I have just stared at the chair? How about you?

So, which leg is most important? “If you have somewhere you want to go, something you want to accomplish, someone you want to become… then make a decision. If you’re clear about where you want to go, the rest of the world will either help you get there or get out of the way. Both of those are useful” James Clear

Anytime a chair gets waved in your face and it distracts you, all you need to do is commit to one thing.  Go back to your dreams and do it now! Do the thing as Mark says…

“In the beginning, you don’t even have to succeed. You just need to get started. Starting before you feel ready is one of the habits of successful people.”

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  1. Yes!

    Are you willing to pay the price for your Dreams? What is the price you must pay? Is it a small price or a large price? Do you do something every day-even if it’ s very small to move closer to your dream? And if not…what is that costing you?

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