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Fort Lauderdale, Fl (September 30, 2020) — David Husson announces the release of his first season of the all-new David Husson Podcast series, starting with his first episode, available on both iTunes and Stitcher.  David’s first podcast season will focus on how to successfully build your MLM business and use Go90Grow to sponsor and build a huge organization in your MLM company.

More specifically, these podcasts will help any direct sales business owner learn the necessary strategies to gain a competitive edge and dominate their existing market while branding themselves in direct sales.  Most people look at their Network Marketing business as a hobby, not taking it seriously. David says…” when you make commitments in life and business, magic happens. Your creativity changes, your luck starts to change and opportunities that you weren’t thinking about start to appear”

Each week these podcasts, will release new episodes, featuring cutting edge ideas and strategies from David Husson himself, as well as unique lessons and insights from other outstanding top achievers and experts in the area of MLM and the Attraction Marketing space.

David Husson will also be releasing his brand-new book called “MY FATHERS HOUSE HAS MANY MANSIONS”.  It’s scheduled release date is September, 2020.

What prompted David Husson to write his book, was his personal quest for creating excellence in his own life’s journey. This book is an important read for anyone who is looking to break through their own personal and business barriers.

It wasn’t always easy for David.  He dropped out of college at 19 when he ran out of money to pay for tuition. Out of his frustration over having to leave college, he made a promise to himself never to want for money or have his family experience that pain.

His own personal experience with adversity, became the catalyst to his growth. He believes that anyone can manifest their Dreams on their own terms with the right coaching and tools.

David’s commitment to changing his life became such a compelling goal for him that he started his first business and entered the world of entrepreneurship the same year he dropped out of school.

No experience and a desire to create his new world, David followed a path that led him to a position working with some very creative people. His team successfully built a 20-million-dollar seminar promotion business from scratch working with many of the most recognizable names in personal and professional development.

Many of the biggest names in speaking including Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Og Mandino and many other of the top thought leaders worldwide sought out his expertise.

David was sought out and brought on as a consultant to create systems in their organizations that led to his success as recognized leader in seminar promotion.

David Husson began his journey into building a successful career in the personal growth industry shaped how his failures along the way led him to realize that no matter your station in life, if you create a burning desire to be exceptional, you can live your dreams and experience remarkable changes, more than you ever imagined.

Over three decades David studied metaphysics, leadership, sales and marketing that helped him build his brand as a recognized authority on business growth for individuals and businesses alike.

In his book you will uncover what holds most people back from ever achieving their dreams. You will get a glimpse into the inner game of self-mastery. Understanding what it takes to go from being ordinary to extraordinary.

This journey will show you whether you’re new to business or a seasoned professional you can get on the fast track to success.

David Husson shares own personal success and failures, and what you’ll learn are the very same concepts and philosophies that help catapult his career.

Today, 20 years later David is still providing the tools and information for building your business.   Through his published interviews, and those conducted by leading media outlets, David’s audiences including corporate executives to aspiring entrepreneurs have learned how to create real lasting change in their business and personal life.

 “David Husson has impacted and inspired thousands of people worldwide. His strategies and tools have been the center piece of company cultures from the beginning of his career” Editor Success Magazine


About David Husson

David is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and marketing specialist. For more than four decades, people worldwide have enjoyed his talks, humor, and presentations in his events and webinars.

Over the last three decades David has been recognized as a top sales and marketing specialists in the personal growth and financial services industry and home-based business space.

He is married and has three children and six grandchildren and lives in Palm Beach, Fl.  where he lives near the ocean. He is devoted to making a difference in people lives, both personally and professionally.

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