Hello Everyone!

Its great to be here. My name is David. I live in Fort Lauderdale Fl.  I’m thrilled to be part of this group. Wow!  What a few short 2 weeks can do. Already,  I’m feeling the effects of what I’ve learned here. I have spent my life studying metaphysics, philosophy, spiritual growth and personal development. It’s no accident I’m here.  I am not new to this work, however, I have needed a reboot for a long time.  My hard drive needs to be reformatted.  

Meeting people of like-mind is exciting.  I look forward to the journey with each of you. This life never ceases to amaze me. I have always believed that my life has been divinely inspired. Recently, the thing that sticks out for me is that in my library, I own the book Laws Of Success, by Napoleon Hill

The book was written in 1928. Its teaching is comprised of all the things I have spent my life learning and teaching about. Three months ago I placed it on my desk in front of me. It has been there each day. As I looked at it, I said to myself… I’m going to read it again and again until I internalize everything Napoleon Hill wrote about in the book.  I failed to take action, however, it’s no surprise that this group showed up into my life at the time my intention was set into motion. 

The reason I share this story is that the last 15 years I have been dormant in my work as it pertains to my personal growth. (not completely) , however,  by comparison to my prior life, it’s been very quiet. During most of the 80’s and all of the 90’s I spent years working in the field of spiritual and personal development.

Having worked with the some of the foremost speakers in the world.  Mark, you’ll laugh! Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy Jim Rohn, Les Brown and so many more.  I loved what I did, what I learned and what I became as a result.  I did it well. 

The last public event I promoted was with Og Mandino, Denis Waitley, and several other speakers.  It was a short time after that Og left this world.  I was so fortunate to have spent time with this amazing human being. What a remarkable life he had while touching millions with his wisdom. His legacy continues.

Around the same time that I pulled the Laws of Success off the shelf, I was going through some old photographs and behold I find this picture with Og and me at an event we did together.  As I go through the scrolls it reminds me how fortunate and grateful I was to have met Og Mandino.  I’m not sure if it was just serendipitous, but who am I to question. A couple of years ago I launched my MLM business which led me here to Mark and the work of Go90Grow and now herewith you. 

My desire is to retire out of insurance. I have felt that way for a few years now. Getting back to my roots of personal growth is giving me a real opportunity to reboot my life and start a new journey in the next chapters of my life.   I wasn’t sure what it would look like, or exactly when it would occur but I knew somehow the Universe would reveal to me what I needed to know. 

Beginning a fresh new journey of self-discovery is exciting. 

I just turned 65. We had 3 grandchildren in the last 7 weeks. Five total now!   These children have reminded me to be curious, unconditional and never stop being childlike in my actions.  Watching them grow and evolve has been such a reminder to never stop learning and growing, even at 65.   Watching my grandson light up every time he sees me brings more joy to my heart than I ever would have imagined.  My wife Sandy and I are blessed beyond belief. 

My work in this life is far from complete.  This is an interesting time for me and for our world.  The elements of social consciousness that exist concern me at my core. Life is moving at warp speeds. Information abounds and people are more overwhelmed than ever before.  Of course, I cannot save the world nor do I have any desire too, but I can change myself,  be a light that my grandchildren, children, and others will see and embrace.  

So here is the challenge for you and I. If you’ve ever thought that deep inside your core you deserved more,  wanted more and knew you could have more but stopped because of FEAR or maybe we worried what others were going to say, then now is the time to begin our new journey not only with an open mind, but an open heart. 

Be a light that others will be drawn too.  I embrace this challenge with an open mind and mostly my heart.  I can’t wait to hear your stories unfold.

This is the best time in our modern history to embrace our dreams. My goal is to spend the rest of my life and share this knowledge with others so that they too can prosper and enjoy the incredible fruits of abundance, freedom, and purpose that is gained just by stepping into their life.

                                                                                                                   “Today I Begin a New Life”

             Thank you, Mark and the team for your wisdom and insight to bring forth these timeless teachings. Let the journey begin. 

11 thoughts on “MKE Week 1 TODAY I BEGIN A NEW LIFE

  1. Wow!!! David. I feel honored to be your guide. I know our little tribe will hugely benefit from the knowledge and experience you bring to the group. I too share your passion to awaken the whole of one’s self so as to eliminate the suffering in the world and to finally learn to recognize our own selves and our unique gifts.

    I loved your blog and how fortunate are you to have worked with all the significant figureheads of the Personal Development world. It is really rewarding to see this work is ongoing no matter what ones experiences are in life. We continue to grow and expand.

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes, I have been extremely fortunate. I sometimes forget about my blessings and the people that have influenced me. It’s easy to say the I did this or worked with so and so, but the truth is it was a lot of learning and focused intention. You can’t go to school for the things I did. We learned as we were building. It was a profound experience. It allowed me to see truly how capable we are of accomplishing whatever we set out to do in life.

      Working for Tony seemed like going to the moon and I had no idea that by a series of events, I would arrive at his company and be asked to manage and develop a team of others to build his seminars worldwide. With no experience but a burning desire, we learned and did it. Today, Tony has changed the lives of millions. For me at that time, it became part of my own transformation. We didn’t have time to think about succeeding or failing. We just knew we needed to build and focus on a vision to create Tony’s legacy. I learned a lot, no question. It was a defining moment in my life. Getting to meet other incredible thought leaders was a big bonus being in that arena.

      I left the industry to take care of an ailing father with Parkinson’s and started on a different path. I put my life on hold to be there for him. I then got married and started raising a family and doing other things in my career. Taking care of my dad was one of my greatest lessons. So here we are…

      I am excited to be in this group and getting to know each of you. I am starting a new journey and feel a little out of sorts, however, I will get up to speed quickly. I have to balance it all. I’m in the midst of my busiest time of year for my insurance business and the 4th quarter is a bit overwhelming. By the middle of December, we slow down and my attention will be much more focused. So I ask for patience and I will get into a groove, I promise!

      Looking forward to talking
      Best regards

  2. Excited for your journey with MKE. I’m a 2015 Life member, and just checking out the new membership. Great 1st Post. Be in Harmony.. make sure to title each post Week 1, Week 2, etc. We look forward to following your progress.

  3. Amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to reading your next post.

    So happy that you have found Go 90 Grow and the Master Keys.

    1. Thank you Deb. It’s very nice to meet you . I do look forward to many more interactions along with you and many others of the group thanks so much for your feedback. I look forward to speaking. David

  4. Welcome to the group, David. It looks like you’ve had an incredible life. I’m inspired by your desire to keep learning and growing at an age when most people would be starting to wind things up! How wonderful for your family to have you as a guide and role model. Can’t wait to hear more from you in the coming months.

    1. Thanks for your your kind thoughts. Just firing the engines again. It will be interesting to see where this journey leads too.


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